Sunday, 30 July 2017

Dreamland Bollard...

What can I say other than a huge thank you to @artistsmakers on the twitter for this beautiful photograph of a bollard outside the recently restored Dreamland Cinema, Margate, Kent.

Let us first look at the picture in greater detail, the reflection of the neon yellow sign upon the rain sodden uneven tarmac is just beautiful. The bollard is very similar to those we see in the City of London (below). It has an octagonal shaped body leading/rising vertically towards the first ridge that leads us to a five pointed star area topped off with a black painted ridge complete with its orange juice squeezer top. If we compare the Margate bollard to those on Stonecutter Street in the City of London we can see that the base is square on the City bollards plus the body appears longer and tapers slightly towards top/head of bollard.

Once again thank you very much Dan Thompson @artistsmakers on the twitter for putting 'Dreamland, Margate' firmly on the Bollards of Britain map.

I do hope many of you are pleased that bollards are back, thank you all once again.

Bollards of Britain...

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