Monday, 7 August 2017

Test Card...

Where are the bollards I here you ask/cry, well if you look closely enough you can see three bollards yellow in colour protecting what used to be an entrance to a petrol station shop. This is a disused petrol station that the wonderful @LondonDreamtime found on the twitter and doesn't it remind you of a Test Card. Well with the help of Google search engine it didn't take long to confirm that this is indeed a work of art by designers Craig Redman and Karl Maier with the help of Global Street Art titled 'Here After'.

For me this is all about the bollards but this site happens to be on Wood Lane just opposite the old BBC Television Centre and art is all around us in the most unlikely of places, not just galleries.

If you would like to know more about this work of art please do follow this link 'Test Card' or maybe you've seen a bollard of interest on your travels, well if you do please send a picture to me at or tweet me at @BollardsBritain thank you.

Bollards of Britain...

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